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The Easter Bunny has resigned on grounds of “inappropriate stereotyping,” fearing his association with the Easter holiday is having a serious impact on the health of rabbits around the world.

The rabbit community feels more and more undermined by their commercial association, through the Easter Bunny, with chocolate egg hunts in back gardens. As a result of these chocolate egg hunts, many child pet owners are feeding their pet rabbits a diet of white and milk chocolate, with precious little vegetable and no roughage.

‘Rabbits have traditionally consumed carrots and other kitchen – garden vegetables, for survival’ says Michael ‘Bugs’ Mannfeld QC, legal representative for the rabbit community. ‘They are now facing an unhealthy diet of chocolate eggs, owing to the part played by the Easter Bunny.’

Bunny rehabilitation centres are popping up nationwide.

~ by Ella Divide

Happy Easter! Read more here.

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