Customer Service-Are You Making These Common Mistakes

Customer service has always been one of the critical factors of business in any industry as it is imperative to keep evolving your customer list. Good customer service says a lot about a business because of its immense contribution to the success of any organization. A business can’t run solely on the basis of a product or service. It takes many other elements, such as excellent customer service, for a business to succeed and leave a trail behind for others to follow.

A company can come up with creative marketing techniques to lure customers, but if the product lacks simplicity and ease of use, it will hardly succeed. The customers who were lured won’t stick around for long. But that’s another story. What’s even more worrisome is this:

You have an established business and your product is extraordinary, but every quarter you lose a chunk of customers.

This is when your company should perform an internal analysis by asking some questions:

  1. Why do you keep losing customers?
  2. Do you have an aligned customer service process?
  3. Is your customer service good enough?
  4. If you had to, how would you rate your customer service?
  5. Are there any mistakes that your company is making when it comes to customer service?

In order to get to the root cause, you must answer the aforementioned questions.

And once you have successfully gotten the answers to these questions, you must work to improve your customer service. To say the least, the best way to ensure that you provide excellent customer service is to bring change in your existing processes and make improvements for sustainability.

Some Common Mistakes in Customer Service

Once you discern mistakes that your company has been committing, it becomes easier to fill holes and run things smoothly. But what are these mistakes that most companies make unknowingly? Let’s find out:

1. Waiting

One common mistake that every organization commits is making their customers wait, which can be troublesome for both parties. People do not like to wait and especially when they can get the same product or service from your competitor. Your customers will wait for a high-quality product and good customer service.

2. Quick Resolutions

For an e-commerce business, everything is quickly accessible and things happen in a snap. A customer will visit your website, and if he finds something that he has been looking for, he will waste no time in buying it. But what happens later after the purchase when he has some problems with the order? He will seek your help and expect a quick resolution. That’s where many businesses are lacking: the ability to provide a quick resolution. Many businesses already have chat-bots for the resolution of similar kinds of issues. The point is that if your customer service is too slow when it comes to quick resolutions, you lose your customers.

3. Wrong Expectations

Many times we promise multiple things to the customers that we may fail in delivering. This happens when we are a little unsure about things and that’s how we upset a customer by setting wrong expectations. Do not set wrong expectations or promise something which is impossible to achieve. Always keep the customer in the loop, as his expectations are your priorities and he should know the same.

Furthermore, the most important element of customer service is clear communication and transparency in terms of information being relayed to the customer. These factors speak a lot about your business and ensure having a healthy long lasting relationship with a customer.

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