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Office Harmony - A Culture Defining Your Workplace

Culture is a strong word and an even stronger emotion when it comes to a company’s development in terms of a healthy work zone. Every company’s development and growth is very much dependent on employee performance. If an employee’s growth is in a compromising state, it certainly hampers the growth of the company.

Every company is strongly aware of this fundamental rule of office harmony that exists in a workplace, but do they really make use of this rule? Are you aware of your employees’ satisfaction level? Are your employees suffering due to the workplace environment?

Discern Dissatisfaction Among Employees

The number one reason for an employee’s dissatisfaction is the culture that he or she faces in the workplace. The kind of behavior your employees display tells a story about your company. For instance, there’s an undefined culture of swearing at a workplace, which can cause a stressful relationship among employees and bring on unnecessary conflicts and disagreements.

The relationship between an employee and employer is also a critical factor that influences a harmonious culture at work.  The responsibility of keeping this office harmony falls upon the shoulders of both the employer and employee.

Need for Ground Rules

Since there are all kinds of people with different kinds of behavior, many big companies employ the ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ to ensure there isn’t employee misbehaviour and to keep peace at work. In places like these, misconduct such as bullying and gossiping fall into the ‘no go’ zone. If anyone is found practicing any of this behavior, strict action needs to be taken.

Management also needs to establish a set of ground rules for every employee to follow to keep a grounded culture and let business flourish. They say when an employee walks out of a company, there can be multiple reasons why. One of the main reasons is a manager’s cold behavior towards the employees. Some managers aren’t leaders, but just a person holding a position. They scream and shout at their team members and belittle them. This is exactly why those ground rules were introduced in the first place.

An organization should flourish in every area, and the employees play a major part in this. It might be the authoritative figures who plan every possible move, but it’s the employees who follow and participate. And this is why a harmonious culture is necessary for everyone to be able to perform their tasks with productivity.

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