Six Sigma Contributors-People Who Shaped Six-Sigma

The history of Six Sigma can never be put into words unless we mention some great personalities. These leaders not only brought Six Sigma into the world but also achieved greater success. Let us begin by naming them Six Sigma Contributors as these influencers left their imprints in business due to some major contributions in their respective fields.

Six Sigma Contributors

Today, we would like to mention those leaders who contributed to the society of Six Sigma and deserve recognition for introducing the world to the continuous improvement methodology. We have listed four leaders whose contributions gave Six Sigma a new face:

Jack Welch

He was the CEO of General Electric and his decision of appointing Six Sigma as a standard procedure to reduce defects proved to be profitable to the company. During this period, the company reportedly saved $12 billion. As a part of his contributions, he wrote many books such as “Winning,” “Jack: Straight from the Gut,” and many more with lots of knowledge about Six Sigma.

Bob Galvin

Bob Galvin’s career took a leap when he succeeded his father and became the CEO of Motorola. During his leadership, Motorola witnessed a rise in their sales during the period of 1958 to 1987. Bob Galvin started the Six Sigma program and managed to get the entire organization on the same page.

Bill Smith

He had a huge part to play when Motorola adapted Six Sigma. The term ‘Six Sigma’ was coined by none other than Bill Smith, which is why he is considered as the ‘Father of Six Sigma.’ While he was the vice president and senior quality assurance manager at Motorola, the company received one of the most prestigious awards, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Larry Bossidy

He is a retired CEO of Allied Signal (now Honeywell). Larry spent 34 years of his career with General Electric, so he worked closely with Jack Welch. While he served numerous executive roles in General Electric, the role he played in making Six Sigma a huge success was the most significant one.

Some Six Sigma Contributors who deserve a special mention are Dr. W. Edward Deming, Walter Shewhart, Carl Gauss, Philip Crosby, Michael Harry, Kaoru Ishikawa and Dr. Joseph M. Juran.

It is also important to note that if it was not for these leaders, Six Sigma wouldn’t be where it is today. The credit of Six Sigma’s success goes to these leaders, who sincerely incorporated this process improvement methodology into their operations and managed to sustain it.

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