Innovative Thinking

The definition of innovative thinking is a simple one. Innovativating thinking is either coming up with a completely new idea or improving an existing idea in order to solve a problem. While the definition is simple, actual innovative thinking is not.

If you are having a hard time thinking innovatively try the following tips below:

1. Get Inspired

Getting inspired is all about cultivating rituals and creating an environment that fosters creativity. An example of a ritual could be listening to music or going for a walk. And, as for the environment, you can hang pictures of your favorite innovators to put yourself in the right headspace.

2. Compile Similar Ideas

As mentioned earlier, innovation also involves taking already existing ideas and improving them. Sometimes, this can involve combining similar ideas in ways no one has ever thought of before. So if you come across two or more ideas that could work together to solve a problem, consider combining them to create one innovative idea.

3. Take a Break

As any innovative thinker knows, eventually, you will run into a brick wall. If you try to break through it with force, you might end up burning yourself out, which is counterproductive. Rather, consider taking a break to let your mind subconsciously process your predicament. When you come back to it with fresh eyes, you might just solve it.

4. Get Feedback

Since you are trying to solve a problem for people, why not involve them in the process? Feedback is a great way to take your innovative thinking to the next level. As you get feedback from others, you can see the idea you are developing from a different perspective and gain new insights for refinement.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your idea just doesn’t work. This is by no means a cue to give up completely, but a chance to go back to the drawing board and think of a new one. See what aspects of your original idea can be salvaged to make something even better.

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