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Six Sigma Human Resources

Although Lean Six Sigma is a process mostly designed for the manufacturing industry, it can also help many aspects of a firm and business. Lean Six Sigma relies on mathematics to eliminate mistakes and defects. In this way, Lean Six Sigma is a process from which many industries and businesses can benefit. A department that is also in charge of improving processes and removing mistakes to increase productivity is HR. Lean Six Sigma can come to complete the HR services and enable a business to thrive and prosper.

  • Talent Acquisition

The acquisition of well-prepared employees and talents in their field of work can be pretty difficult for HR departments as talented people have many offers to choose from. One way in which Lean Six Sigma can help HR departments to attract more prepared employees is to streamline the process of acquisition. To do that, the HR department needs to cut down the unnecessary steps that potential employees go through to get employed. By cutting down the unnecessary steps, companies also save money and reduce costs.

 Lean Six Sigma can also help by creating a template of traits that a talented employee should have to hold and obtain a certain position in the company. It can also enable it to create proper training meant to foster the development of the talented members of the team or strategies that can make the talented employees remain at the company.

  • Reducing Waste and Defects

Many talented employees are lost in the employment process due to slow response time. Due to slow response time and delays in feedback, talented employees may take other offers because they believe they are not a priority and fear that they can lose other opportunities if they wait too much. By using Lean Six Sigma, HR departments can identify defects in the process and make every person involved in the process be more engaged so that they can recruit better employees.

HR processes often encounter defects and mistakes in employee data and salaries and Lean Six Sigma can resolve them as it has a 99.9997 accuracy. It can help HR recover resources and time lost in inefficient and useless processes and distribute it in other areas that may need improvement and can make a difference in revenue and productivity.

  • Performance

Lean Six Sigma enables a company to create achievable goals and objectives that can be measured in metrics and variable factors with inputs and outputs. Processes and objectives that can easily be measured with Lean Six Sigma are the payrolls and the attendance. Payroll can be accurately managed if the employees are paid based on their position and value I’m the job market. Employee compensations and separations can also be performed easier as HR departments can pay them based on the job market level of the position.

Six Sigma can also help an organization keep track of the attendance and time of the employees and increase fairness in appraisal and promotions.

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