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Professional Development: Did You Get What You Wanted?

Ever felt shortchanged after taking a training course? In today’s digital world, it is super easy for a so-called ‘expert’ to hang their shingle out there on the web and start getting results. That digital environment allows those ‘experts’ to dress up their site to appear rather professional and very credible. How can you avoid a situation that could adversely affect your professional development?
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[TED Talks] Cybercrime: Where is it Really Coming From?

The growth of the internet has enabled an increase in the volume of cybercrime activities because there is no longer a need for the criminal to be physically present when committing a crime. In this TED Talk, Caleb Barlow speaks on the topic of cybercrime. As a vice president at IBM Security, Barlow has insight into to one of the largest security intelligence operations in the world.
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