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The Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, to which the United States is a signatory, defines cybercrime as a wide range of malicious activities including the illegal interception of data, system interferences that compromise network integrity and availability, and copyright infringements. Other forms of cybercrime include illegal gambling, the sale of illegal items like weapons, drugs or counterfeit goods, as well as the solicitation, production, possession or distribution of child pornography.

The growth of the internet has enabled an increase in the volume of cybercrime activities because there is no longer a need for the criminal to be physically present when committing a crime. The internet’s speed, convenience, anonymity and lack of borders makes computer-based variations of financial crimes, such as theft, money laundering or fraud, and hate crimes, such as stalking and bullying, easier to carry out.

In this TED Talk, Caleb Barlow speaks on the topic of cybercrime. As a vice president at IBM Security, Barlow has insight into to one of the largest security intelligence operations in the world. His team stands watch protecting the information security of thousands of customers in more than a hundred countries. On a busy day they can process upwards of 35 billion potential security events across their global operations centers.

Watch this informative TED Talk here:

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