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We have all experienced it. Once workplace or another you have been in has been extremely toxic. That toxicity drips down from the top and makes things almost unbearable. Some will say that you should just quit and walk away. That may be a solution, but it is not an option for most in the workplace. These good people wake up every morning, after a restless night’s sleep and fortify themselves against the onset of a toxic day at work. It is what they do. They develop workarounds to directly avoid difficult bosses. If that doesn’t work, they have developed defense mechanisms and rather thick skins to better absorb the impact of their toxicity.

Do You Fear Difficult Bosses?

Difficult bosses contaminate the workplace. Some do so obliviously, while others smugly manipulate their employees, using them as instruments of their own success. Regardless of their methods, they cause irrevocable damage to their companies and employees by hindering performance and creating unnecessary stress. In a recent Gallup poll, 60% of government workers are miserable at work because of difficult bosses. Another study revealed that 69% of American workers compare difficult bosses to toddlers with too much power! The most sobering fact brought out in studies on difficult bosses is that they can increase your chances of having a heart attack by 50%.

Dealing with the Dictators

The worst thing you can do is simply to do nothing, hoping the problems will get resolved. No job, boss, or company is worth losing your health, sanity, or self-esteem. If you can’t find a way to resolve these issues, and/or your boss simply will never change his/her behavior, you should immediately start working your network and begin looking for a new job — within or outside the organization. Here is a link to a great story that gives you some tips on dealing with difficult bosses

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