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Professional Development: Did You Get What You Wanted?

Ever felt shortchanged after taking a training course? In today’s digital world, it is super easy for a so-called ‘expert’ to hang their shingle out there on the web and start getting results. That digital environment allows those ‘experts’ to dress up their site to appear rather professional and very credible. How can you avoid a situation that could adversely affect your professional development?
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Green Belt, Six Sigma Certification, Business Professional, Training, L6s Blog

Six Sigma Certification: What is the Role of a Green Belt?

The Green Belt certification is in the middle of the career ladder of Six Sigma. It is the mid-level workhorse of the practice. A Green Belt brings to the table a deep understanding of the practice, its tools and the application of the professional standards. They analyze and solve quality problems and are involved in quality improvement projects.
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The Six Sigma Professional: Building a Giant

Are you building a Six Sigma professional? Understanding what it takes is really no different than building a profession in any other industry. However, there are some unique traits that we look for that equals success in the industry. In the Six Sigma profession, those traits are not globally established, but understood as the essential standard.
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