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5 Reasons To Get Six Sigma Certification

Many individuals are still doubtful if they need a Six Sigma certification and how quality improvement training can act as a career ladder. How about we help you decide?

The corporate world has witnessed many developments and great breakthroughs over the past several years. As quality improvement provides major benefits, organizations are expecting people with training in continuous improvement methods. Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology and a valuable training process that can definitely boost your career and help you in achieving substantial goals.

Six Sigma Certification for Professional Development

But how does it help you in professional development? Here’s a list of few advantages in case you’re planning to get Six Sigma certification:

1. Your leadership skills enhance.

As you acquire a Green Belt or Black Belt in Six Sigma, your managerial and leadership qualities improve significantly. As you go further, you achieve a level of mastery in leading a project with a team.

2. You add value to your organization.

Once you’re certified, you have been trained to address problems like reducing defects and errors, handling customer requirements and complaints, waste elimination, etc. You become a valuable asset to the company as you solve such issues within a specific timeline.

3. You bring sustainability.

As you’ve learned to make decisions based on data and sustain certain processes, you apply those practices in internal and external operations of the organization. A set of standardized processes is paramount to avoid any kind of errors in future for organizational growth.

4. You’re flexible to work in any industry.

Yes, that’s right! There’s no doubt that Six Sigma with its tried and tested methods can be applied to any industry. Because of this dynamic role of Six Sigma, your chances of working in any industry are quite high.

5. You earn respect and a good salary package.

There’s no doubt that peers having Six Sigma certification earn a lot more than an average employee. Apart from that, you become a highly respected individual among your colleagues. In fact, your company’s competitors might even be willing to give you a respected position with a good package.

Though the certification gives an added advantage to your career, we must know that it is your ability and skills that prove your worth. You must leverage Six Sigma certification as you carve your own path towards professional development and organizational goals.

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