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Business innovation is moving ahead at record speed. If you look at the transition of business over the last few years, you will clearly see where the digital realm has securely taken over traditional business practices. If you are a digital business, using social media and competing globally, you are able to compete in your sector. If you don’t continue to move forward, your business will be relegated to the back of the pack! For all of you early adopters who eagerly embraced the digital age, you are ahead of the pack and competing intensely. Hold on to your iPhones…here is a news flash for you! You are seeing the downturn of the digital age and a new age of innovation is emerging on the horizon.

Business Innovation and AI

Emerging on the horizon for business innovation is the dawn of the AI era. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has developed to a point where it is moving from the development stage to the fully engaged stage for business. Look around at Tesla or Amazon and others, who are going full steam ahead with innovative ideas that are based in AI. AI is taking such a powerful lead in business innovation that top-tier business schools are now adding AI instruction to their programs. Harvard and MIT are just a few of these educational institutions who are taking the lead. Both institutions firmly believe that if you are to be a business leader of the future, you must be comfortable operating not only in a digital environment, but an AI environment to be successful.

Looking into the Future of Business

It is expected that spending on AI technologies will expand from $8 billion in 2016 to a projected $47 billion by 2020. If you plan on being a business leader of the future, you must be educated and fully versed on all aspects of not only digital technologies, but AI technologies and innovations. A new era is dawning on the global business environment. Hug a robot today!

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