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How Is Lean Six Sigma Helping Customer Service

Customers are an important element of your business and deserve your utmost attention. A business driven by employees focusing on customer retention can never go wrong. Every time a new customer becomes a part of our business, it becomes highly important to retain that customer. Customer service may look easy from the outside, but can be difficult to implement. It requires a focus on keeping customers happy.

Some business owners consider their products or services to be highly valuable to the customer. The product may make a customer’s life easier, but how is the customer service aspect in relation to delivering the product? If your business fails in providing an excellent service, you may lose that customer to someone who does.

The corporate world is keeping their knees deep into this ocean of customer service, where the priority is customer satisfaction. The achievable results are obvious – customer retention, positive word of mouth, more customers and positive feedback. Incorporating a process to understand customer behavior will step up your business game to overcome the fear of losing customers.

By now we have talked about Lean Six Sigma’s presence and benefits in every industry. So, Lean Six Sigma being inefficient in other industries (service, IT and many others) is out of the question.

VOC (Voice of the Customer)

Let’s talk about the efficiency of another Lean Six Sigma tool, which we can apply for improved customer service: Voice of the Customer (VOC).

VOC (Voice of the Customer) is an organized approach to acquire customer data in order to understand his/her experience with your products and services. There are multiple ways to receive a customer’s feedback such as surveys, interviews, suggestions, complaints, etc.

When it comes to the customer experience, it takes almost 10 positive experiences to cover up for one negative experience. And usually, customers complain about the human element as the most unpleasant experience of the service. Many times customers do not even complain and just simply switch to a competitor. To give your customer an experience of a lifetime, incorporate the VOC tool and let Lean Six Sigma speak for your business.

This sage advice of customer retention and customer acquisition may help businesses to have a perpetual satisfaction of success, so why not just implement it!

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