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Our business environment is constantly changing and evolving. This means that leaders must possess the qualities and leadership traits necessary to adapt their organizations to the ever-changing environment. What worked 20 or 30 years ago, just will not work in today’s business climate. Successful leaders must constantly be seeking ways to improve and evolve in the current business climate. Are you evolving or eroding as a leader in your profession?

Identifying Crucial Leadership Traits

According to a recent Harvard Business Publishing report, there are 8 critical traits future leaders must possess:

1. Managing Complexity – Being able to solve complex problems and make decisions in a fast paced environment.
2. Managing Global Business – Knowing your place and function in the global market is crucial to success.
3. Strategic Action – Today’s leaders must be nibble on their feet, thinking strategically and quickly respond to unexpected challenges and changing markets.
4. Champion Innovation – Must be an emphasis on innovation and constant focus on taking thing to the next level.
5. Leverage Networks – Must be collaborative in efforts with customs, suppliers and even competitors.
6. Inspire Engagement – Inspire their workforce to be engaged and contributing to the forward momentum of the organization.
7. Adaptability – Look at things constantly with fresh eyes. The mentality of ‘that’s how we have always done it’ is out!
8. Learning Agility – Leaders must constantly be evolving, learning and developing.

Success Leaves Clues

Understanding the demands of the current business is crucial to leadership success. Leaders that are constantly evolving, adapting and learning find themselves leading the pack! If you look at these eight traits, they each represent elements of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and practice. Leaders must be continuously and consistently improving. Applying these eight traits will surely help leaders of today develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Success leaves clues!

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