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“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”
~George Patton~

Why are you so afraid of letting go the big decisions? You like the feel of being in control, touch all the little things and firmly influence every outcome. It feels good to tweak the little things, exercise your control or authority in every decision.

Delegation of Authority is the Key to Success

The fact is that those leaders that are what we call “superbosses” clearly understand they must let go and inspire! They have shed the urge to micromanage and allow their people to be in control. They understand that change must occur and innovation inspires change. People who work for these “superbosses” are doers and they don’t require micromanaged guidance. When people are allowed to innovate and challenge, they grow and develop skills that are invaluable. But what if they fail, you say? These “superbosses” understand there will be failure along the way and they don’t punish doers for mistakes. That is how we learn and reach high levels of success.

Go Ahead and Touch the Stars

Inspire others to reach for the stars and encourage them every step along the way. Be willing to let go and allow others to innovate and challenge along the way. Never tell people how to do things. Delegation is the key to success! Tell them exactly what you want for an outcome, step back and watch them go! You, as a leader, are there to support them and give guidance when they require it. You are the coach that is motivating them to cross the goal line. You are not there to carry the ball! When you take your hands off and allow people to innovate, that’s when the magic happens. If you want more from your people and better results, stop micromanaging and start inspiring! You might just be surprised at the results they achieve.

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