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The quality of leadership success in the business world is in decline. We have sloppy leaders that are passing along the bad habits to a new generation of leaders. They lack self-discipline, compassion and a genuine work ethic. They run their operations by the seat of their pants. Just throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. No planning, no critical thinking. One of the biggest consequences of this sloppy thinking is that leaders are led to take actions that they think are appropriate. When these misguided actions don’t produce the results intended, both leaders and employees become frustrated. There is no leadership success in most organizations. Leadership then discards their efforts in that area as another leadership fad that did not work.

5 Habits That Destroy Leadership Success

Here are 5 habits to practice if you want to be an unsuccessful leader:

1. Don’t Look Back – It’s in the past, so leave it there. They don’t take the time to see success in the past and change their business practices accordingly.
2. Who Has Time For Goals – Don’t set goals, who needs them. Fly things by the seat of your pants and see how it goes. Goals keep you focused and on track.
3. Leave it Until Next Time – We didn’t finish the work, it’s okay. We can finish things at a later date. Don’t worry about being detail oriented and seeing a task to completion.
4. I Hate Networking – I don’t like networking and just hanging out. It is a waste of time. Who needs to connect with peers and mentors?
5. Saying Thanks is a Weakness – Why should I say thanks? I gave you a job and you should be grateful for that. Who needs to practice gratitude, it is a sign of weakness.

Changing the Focus

How many leaders do you know that have at least one of these attributes? There are many more out there than you might imagine. Change the course of your career and your business. Make a change for good in 2017.

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