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“There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you proving them wrong.”
― Jennifer Van Allen

Through recorded history, there have been doubters and dreamers. Without giving you statistical data, you just know that there are many more doubters than dreamers. Think about your last business meeting when a new idea was introduced. The faces of the doubters came out, while the dreamers stood by the idea cheering. No matter what topic you want to discuss, the doubters outnumber the dreamers. That is what makes dreamers magical! They are in the minority. They have the vision and mindset to see their dreams through to the end. Wasn’t this exactly how you felt when introducing the idea for Lean Six Sigma for the first time in your organization?

Lean Six Sigma Just Won’t Fly

The idea of implementing Lean Six Sigma practices in an organization can quickly meet with head-on stubborn resistance. No matter how much data and case studies you present or reference, the doubters will come off the bench to play. People just hate change, it is in our nature. Implementing Lean Six Sigma practices mean that we will have to change. We will have to change things that make us comfortable and confident in our everyday lives.

For all of those dreamers out there who can envision strong Lean Six Sigma practices in their organization, here are a few shots that the doubters are going to send your way:

1. They have never heard of Lean Six Sigma.
2. It is just another fad.
3. We are too busy for a Lean Six Sigma program.
4. We can’t afford it.
5. We’re too small. That’s for the big boys!
6. We don’t do manufacturing.
7. Our employees are front-line operators — not engineers, so they just won’t get the math or statistics.
8. Lean or Six Sigma is too advanced for us.
9. We tried it. Didn’t work here. Not for us.
10. What happens if it fails?

Taking Flight with Lean Six Sigma

For anyone who has been in or near Lean Six Sigma practices, you have heard doubters throw at least two or three of those points out in opposition. Even in organizations with established programs, the doubters still profess that it just won’t fly!

Successful organizations are built by dreamers, not doubters. They are the visionaries who take things to the next level and challenge the status quo. It takes guts to be a dreamer.

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