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Advantages Of Lean Six Sigma In The Software Industry

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two business methodologies – Lean and Six Sigma. The objective is to eliminate the elements that do not add any value and improve the quality of the process. The reason why the software industry (or any other industry for that matter) finds this unique methodology interesting is that it has a clear approach towards waste elimination. This, in return, resolves process defects and errors systematically with effective cost reduction.

Every industry has a well-defined goal, which is to expand profits and generate greater revenues. Six Sigma’s goals are very much aligned with almost every industry’s goals. This is possible because of Six Sigma’s dynamic nature.

For a successful execution of Lean Six Sigma in IT sector, the industry must pay heed to a couple of things that are essential and deserve consideration:

  • A preliminary assessment of the organization in terms of its history, leadership, objective, etc. should be performed.
  • Weigh the pros and cons to predict the methodology’s success rate.
  • The entire organization must go through an intense training of Lean Six Sigma (at least Yellow Belt) to get an insight about the methodology.
  • Lay a solid foundation to have a full-fledged Lean Six Sigma deployment.

In Lean Six Sigma, there are various quality tools such as Brainstorming, SIPOC Diagram, VOC, etc. which are used during the implementation of this methodology. These tools play a significant role in the accomplishments of Lean Six Sigma in any industry.


Before an organization decides to take a step towards any new methodology, they should determine whether or not it is worth the time and money investment. We have listed out a few advantages of Lean Six Sigma in the software industry:

1. Cost Effectiveness – A major cost reduction in all the processes is the elemental purpose of this methodology.

2. Coherent Operations – A decrease in the number of defects ensures that the operations are efficient enough.

3. Delivery – When the processes are precise, it results in quick and methodical delivery with values.

4. Workforce – The productivity of workforce is enhanced since there is an improvement in the performance of products and services.

5. Waste Removal – This methodology works upon removing the waste, which can be present in the form of bugs in the software or any other form.

6. Increased Customer Satisfaction – A quick and efficient delivery of products due to reduced defects ensures customer satisfaction.

The key to have a successful business is to apply the right methodology at the right time with the right frame of mind.

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