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3 Lean Six Sigma Tools To Use In Our Daily Lives

Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology that has been providing successful results for the past several years. It is also a combined effort of two consistently improving methodologies – Lean and Six Sigma, which have brought enormous success to various industries. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the Lean Six Sigma tools in order to highlight the advantages of both methodologies.

When things come down to our daily activities, sometimes we wonder where all our time goes, because we never seem to accomplish any important tasks. Even if we are working constantly, we still seem to miss out on so many of other tasks and we wonder exactly how we can turn this around? This is exactly when Lean Six Sigma tools can come in handy if utilized correctly.

But the question that arises is that how can we apply a business methodology to our daily lives? The versatility of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy lends itself to be applicable to almost any part of daily life. From dinner to laundry, this business improvement philosophy is very much applicable in our daily tasks.

Organize Your Daily Lives with Lean Six Sigma Tools

The reason why leaders can vouch for Lean Six Sigma is that it is easily adaptable and flexible and can fit into any industry. Thus, many leaders have decided to take some of the basic philosophies and use them at home.

So, let’s talk about the evergreen Lean Six Sigma tools, which can be used anywhere at home:

1. Kanban

A perfect example of using Kanban at home is in the kitchen area. A Kanban tool is a visual list of tasks organized in such a manner that everyone can see and track what is going on. To get the most out of it, try using sticky notes or Kanban cards to make dinner plans or maybe grocery shopping. Most people are already doing it, the only difference is that they are unaware of what this process is called. The tool they have been using until now is none other than Kanban.

2. 5S

A detailed process of organizing a process or anything else for that matter is called 5S. It has 5 steps – Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, which are to be followed in an orderly manner to achieve good results. At home, we suggest you begin with using this tool for kitchen organization or even laundry. In the kitchen, apply 5S to cabinets and have a perfectly set up kitchen. While doing laundry, 5S can help in sorting out clothes by color and keeping them in order.


PDSA (Plan, Do, Study and Act) is a tool wherein every process can be planned and studied to have a maximum level of success. In terms of daily activities, PDSA can be used to increase your productivity level by analyzing everyday tasks.

Similarly, there are many other Lean Six Sigma tools that if implemented can make our lives much simpler. Have you applied these tools yet? If yes, let us know in the comments how they helped improve your daily activities.

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